Wednesday, August 15, 2001

We went to a concert last monday nite..which one?? am not telling you!! heheheh and if I do I might have to kill you anywyase what can I say, I'm completely deaf on my right ear the screaming was horrible but worth it. The concert was sooo entertaining I mean I don't know half of the songs they sang but between the light show and the props it was all good my friends and I had a blast even if we were soaking wet from the rain it was an experience worth sharing. Another highlight of my week (so far) is the first meal we cooked in our apartment, yes I cooked and not just the one where you add water and cover for 3 minutes I cooked adobo from scratch hehehehe it's amazing and I'm quite excited about it it's a little weird (i mean the taste)but it looked and smelled like adobo and that's a start right?? It's sooo good to have real food in our fridge right now, we've been eating corndogs this past week, actually we've been eating pizza and corndogs, it's a healthy diet and for lunch I usually have ramen noodles, it has veggies in about nutritious. I guess I'm just lazy when it comes to cooking..hmm..whatelse? that's about it it's 5 already and I'm dying to get out of the office..ta ta

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