Saturday, November 20, 2010

a little bit of this and that...

1 chicken sandwich and a handful of chicken nuggets later i am feeling happy, thank you chick-fil-a for making my friday deeeeelightful
i miss my straight hair, i am a walking hairball, all tangled up and clumped together.
passion pit rocks my socks off
itchy throat, stuffy nose, my dear bed, tomorrow i'm afraid that it's just going to be you, me , a handful of pills, a good book and a bottle of orange juice.

have a nice weekend...


flying high

There's something else
I thought about
The universe
When it's merciful

How should I know
After wringing out my memory
And all that my hands send away
Oh, riffling for a stem to find an answer I knew

kansai, ra ra riot

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