Tuesday, December 07, 2010

i should have a to do list...

i have been running around trying to get stuff done
practicing for our holiday program, baking cookies for our tea and sing, making ornaments with the children, coordinating with my room parent, decorating our classroom, finding time to finish our vegetable garden, praying every night that when i wake up my class will be normalized, getting ready for my trip back home and the list goes on and on. here i was complaining that i didn't have anything to do, i know better now, i should have kept my mouth shut, 2 more weeks 'til i can exhale.


today's highlight: visiting ranch 99 (an asian grocery store), oh strange smells how i've missed you!


"i am thankful for the sun because it turns the nighttime in to morning"
-aidan, 5


on rotation: two door cinema club
when i listen to them i feel: like dancing

"Let's make this happen, girl you gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you.
And you know that it will.
Let's get this started girl, we're moving up we're moving up It's been alot to change but you will always get what you want.
Took a little time to make it a little better,
it's only going out, just one thing and another,
you know! "

something good can work, two door cinema club

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