Thursday, February 14, 2002

It's Valentine's Day and I forgot about it, I almost wore red and I suddenly realized that it's the 14th and I really don't want to wear red on a holiday that thrives on anything red (crimson, pink or whatever). I guess being single, makes you forget such events it's not a big deal aywayse what makes Valentine's day special to me is that it is my Grandma's birthday. My "lola" who in my opinion is one of the greatest cooks there is, my lola whose homecooking I miss, my lola who would allow me to cut classes and go with her to play mah jong (my mom caught me btw and I was severly punished), my lola who is such a complex person but I love her anywayse, my lola who is sick right now and I'm praying for her to get well really soon, my lola who I will see and hug again on Monday. Happy Birthday Lola thanks for everything=)..and to all you people out there Happy Heart's Day! =) I'm out

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