Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I just came back from my vacation yesterday and now I'm back to work. I was supposed to arrive here on Monday the 25th but due to unavoidable cirsumstances (it's all Northwest's fault!) I was delayed and was forced to sepnd a night in Minneapolis. My vacation was fantastic, I was able to spend time with the family and ofcourse my friends. Our town is still the same, same old people, but a lot of things also changed the mere fact that all my friends are working now made me realize how I hated being an adult. I guess I just expected too much from them and didn't really put into consideration that they have other priorities other than partying and hanging out, but I could really feel that they really tried to spend a lot of time with me and I appreciate that. I'm also happy because in the short time that I was there I was able to bond with my dad again, I haven't seen him and two years and it was such a good feeling to hang out with him and just talk to him. Sad to say I got bored, I guess just staying at home and watching TV made a bit restless but then now that I'm here even if it's been only 3 days I feel a tinge of homesickness, I guess it will pass but how I wish that I could have stayed there a little bit longer or even for good. I know that I have a good future here in the states, and that I'm lucky to have a job and to have a support system here in Virginia, I guess I just have to be strong, what does not kill you only makes you stronger right??

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