Wednesday, January 29, 2003

i'm going home in may, yahoo! i finally asked my boss if it was okay for me to take a vacation in may and he said yes. i know it's still 5 months away but i'm really excited. my cousin is getting married and i'm going to be one of the bridesmaids (my first time ever) i'm hoping that i won't be one of those girls who are always a bridesmaid never a bride (although right now i'm heading to that direction) anyway it's always exciting to come home and see all your friends and family. i can't believe that it's been almost a year since i took my philippine trip, however all the memories are still fresh, the sight and sounds are still vivid, i still remember the clothes i wore and what i was doing while i was wearing that particular shirt/pants/skirt, everything's still fresh that it scares me, do i really miss the philippines that much? am i really meant to be here in the states--thousand miles away from my family, is this really what i want? for how long am i willing to stay in my current job, should i quit and start school, should i go back to the philippines and get my masters there or should i just stay here and save up then go to school part time. i am bombarded by these questions all the time, and it's not helping that i'm gonna be 23 in march, being 23 means that i'm not getting any younger and that i should start doing something if i want things to improve in my life. i'm tired of the dormat life i'm leading, i'm tired of whining, i'm tired of being frustrated all the time, i'm tired...please rescue me from this limbo i call my life.

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