Thursday, February 20, 2003

i can't read my posts anymore, they just launched another firewall in the office so i won't be able to check up my blog (so far i'm the only one reading it). i just flew in from california last night and getting off the plane and feeling the brisk cold air of the east coast slap my face made me say to myself "happy days are here again" i was supposed to fly back to dc on sunday, i did not tune in to the news ( bad nikki!!) so there i was up and ready at 4:30 am, waking up my cousin to drive me to the airport only to be told that Reagan National is closed and that DC is buried in snow. i took the news lightly, since monday is still a holiday so i won't miss work, so sunday night i tuned in to the news (i learned my lesson) it didn't look good but i was still optimistic (so far so good on the new year's resolutions) there might be a sliver of hope that the airport will be open, so like a good little girl i slept early and set my alarm for 4 am. 4 am...alarm rang... took a shower... woke up cousin and drove to the airport, by now the people behind the ticket counter recognized me already and before i even went up the counter they told me that the airports are still closed and that tuesday didn't look too good either, wednesday might be a bad time and thursday was the best time to fly out, i had to make a decision immediately since all the seats for wednesday's flight was filling up fast, well i took a deep breath and decided what the heck, i'd rather take my chances on wednesday (refer to new years resolution embrace life with optimism and reckless abandon, see i'm on a roll) i don't want to miss another day of work *rolls eyes* so i got booked for another flight, leaving sacramento at 6:20 am, 20 minutes earlier than my previous flight. the flight was okay no hitches, in fact we were early, frontier airlines was pretty good we had direct tv and the food was tolerable, they served us muffins for breakfast and for lunch we had some wrap and chips. i just realized that february-march isn't really a good month for me to fly, last year i also got stuck in the airport and got delayed for 2 days, this year the big blizzard happened and i was stranded in california (not that i'm complaining, i was wearing flip flops in february!!! how could i be disappointed) for an extra 3 days, hopefully in may i would have better luck. so that was my whole "adventure" i'm now back to reality with snot and phlegm galore souvenirs from sunny california. someone might be reading this blog (you know who you are) better keep your lips sealed (a la maurice arcache my palangga!!!) i'm still waiting for the url to your blog so you better send it to me or else! break na ta!! *muwah*

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