Saturday, February 22, 2003

CVS for the Single's Soul

i just remembered a funny thing that happened to me while i was standing in line at *CVS just minding my own business, when this tiny old woman appeared from nowhere like a little wood sprite (yes i'm feeling poetic right now) asked the woman behind the counter where she could find the condoms. can you believe that? an 80 year old woman getting a little something something, the visuals i had was too horrible to forget i tried to get rid of the mental picture that seem to be embedded in my cranium and just focus on the fact that this wrinkled being has a more exciting sex life than me a 22 year old woman who is supposed to be at the prime of her youth. i didn't expect that a routine trip to the local pharmacy would change my perception of sex and old age, i left CVS with a little flame of hope burning in my heart, i just have to wait my turn and maybe who knows one of these days i might just get lucky, although by the looks of it i might have to wait 60 years to finally get "some" but i'm a very patient person i didn't come this far just to give up, yes there is still hope ladies and gentlemen, i've seen the future and it comes in a from of an 80 year old woman limping her way towards the "hygiene aisle"... this little life realization is brought to you by CVS (i should get a commission for this plug)

*CVS Pharmacy

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