Saturday, December 08, 2007

i blinked and it's december already.

i think i forgot how to write. i blame grad school and the horrid research papers i had to spew out. i blame the instability of my life right now.

lunch conversation with my 4 year olds on friday:

J (Girl): I really like you W! Do you like me too?
W (Boy): I like A, E and J hmmm... I guess I like you too
J: Really?! *hugs W*
J: Do you like R too?
W: I like you
J: What about R?
W: I said I like you
J: and R?
W: Okay I like her but only a half tank (holds up index finger and thumb), not a full tank
R: *oh*

Story of my life re-enacted by 4 year olds.


It's good to be in love
It really does suit you
Just like everything
I'm happy you're in love
'Cause every color goes where you do

It's good to be in love, Frou Frou



Edcel said...

december's gonna pass by in just a poof...
merry christmas incase i can't be online on the day itself! hehe...

take care

gene said...

belated christmas greetings! and a happy new year, too. I wish you all the best and good health for 2008.

hope the writing streak-ala-bridget jones returns... soon. halong