Sunday, April 18, 2010

a thought bubble

"you can't marry your daddy or your cousin, you should marry a stranger" -Angelina, 5 years old

goofing around
washington, dc 2005
the will to my grace, my spare tire :)


i have been thinking a lot about the past recently. it's that time of the year when i start listening to 90s rock and reminisce about the past. i find myself reading my old journals before i go to bed. it has been an interesting experience--going back in time. my 30 year old self reading about my 20 year old self's dreams and frustrations, not to mention opinions about love and my future. if i have a chance to meet the younger nicole i would assure her that everything turned out fine and that in the end all those meaningless worries and fears were just that...meaningless. i would also tell her that 30 is not as bad as she might think, yes i still live in an apartment and watch a lot of television, sometimes i eat a cupcake for breakfast or eat cereal for dinner and yes i am still single but i have finally come to accept the fact that it is okay. i would tell her that you will meet a person that would break your heart so bad that all you would want to do is lie in bed and disappear. i would tell her to hug lola 10 times more and tell her i love you instead of i hate you. i would tell her to keep her faith and not be scared to take risks and finally i would give her a big hug and thank her for never giving up hope despite all the curve balls life has thrown at her.

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