Monday, October 04, 2010

greetings from I Street

hello from another apartment, another address, another zip code
hello fall, summer was nice but it was getting old.
hello sweaters and tights, hello scarves and chilly mornings
hello new neighborhood, walking while listening to good music -- it's been a while since i did that and oh how i miss it
hello new routine, getting up early and trying not to doze off at 8:00 at night to no avail.
hello to listening to ra ra riot, discovery, pinback, kings of leon and mates of state while driving to work
hello feelings of inadequacies, hello to new children who, i hope someday will have a place in my heart.
hello to wishing for great things.

hello inspiration...


kuala lumpur
august 2010

Outside just killing time and making noise
And outside the daylight comes, the daylight goes and weightless
If its weightless it makes no stairways to stairs that go nowhere
and don’t dream, that is a dream it is what it seems

Climbing from over stimulated states to hearing
Cold radio and licenses plates but don’t dream,
That is a dream it is what it seems
That is a dream it is what it seems

Behind every desire is another one waiting to be liberated when the first ones sated

-weightless, nada surf


Gene (aka Greenjell-o) said...

and here we are perpetually wondering our choices, looking for inspiration... ") Amidst all these wondering and searching, we'll certainly find unexpected joys and blessings in pleasant surprises that life brings. I am glad to read your "thoughts" again.

Nicole said...

hi gene! nice to hear from you :) kamusta ka na??

Gene said...

i am good. :) it's really nice to read your blog again. hope you are doing OK there.