Sunday, April 03, 2011

april's here!

sunset on 16
march 2011
while driving on jackson highway
i saw the most magnificent sunset, it looked like someone took a big brush and just did big, bold brush strokes across the sky, it was breathtaking


is it april already?
oh wow!


okay as you may know i am not a really big fan of having my picture taken
i don't want to be those girls who makes those faces inside the bathroom while snapping the camera like a madman
but allow me to do it once and i will promise that i won't do it anymore
i know i am not 16 anymore so please excuse my sudden narcissistic complex
anyway my cousin's girlfriend who does great make up, worked on my face this afternoon
and voila!
i smell like barbecue and my hair was a greasy mess but she actually made me look presentable
ta da!!!!!

first and last time you will see me hamming up in front of the camera

watched sucker punch this weekend

anyway, this song brought back a lot of memories