Tuesday, April 05, 2011

thought bubbles

i know it looks unappetizing but don't let appearances fool you
thanks tita!
april 2011

didn't go to the park today
instead i crashed when i got home
i slept for about an hour, i was just so tired
once again my neighbors were just going at it
everyday this week
don't get me wrong i am happy for them, it's just if they can keep it on the down low i would really appreciate it
anyway here's hoping to a good night's sleep (again!)


nicole do teachers marry other teachers?
nicole, do you have pajamas?
nicole were you cute when you were a baby?
nicole did you learn anything when you were a kid?
nicole that's a beauty mark (pointing at my mole)

oh, how i love the way their minds work :)


a fun song
for all those people who think that being with another person is the only way to be happy
well think again...
there is more to life than that.

kate nash, merry happy


hagsiepooh said...

i love the self portrait with the make up, looks good on you.
mamarathon ka naman dugay2?
kids ask the darndest things.. so cute!


Nicole said...

han please lang!! hahaha indi ako mag marathon, walking lang ako ya asta