Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Still unable to talk, our apartment is like an oven! I turned on the AC last night, middle of the night I was freezing, and it didn't help that I was coughing all night. Anyhoo my day is okay can't complain, the weather is beautiful it's in the near 90's and work is not that hectic compared to last week. I had quite a weekend, first of all I was sick and second I went cosmic bowling despite my illness. A friend of mine picked me up from my house at around 8 pm, I was supposed to meet him at 4 but I called him to cancel because I wasn't feeling too good and also they were planning to go to a Lingerie Party (and wanted to drag me) which would be really bad (for me anywayse) because they were all guys and I am the only female presence. So anyway he called at around 7 and told me to get ready because he's gonna pick me up, and so he did. We went bowling at around 10 pm the bowling alley was packed but we managed to secure a lane. Bowled for a bit, lost because my partner choked in the last minute we were leading but then he just completely choked! hehehehe. After bowling we went to Bethesda because one of the guys wanted to go dancing, so someone suggested to go to the Barking Dog when we got there it was already 1:00 so we had some drinks and just hanged out 'till closing and by the way the music there sucks! it felt like a Junior High Dance with all the songs they played like Jackson 5, The Village People, even Grease! We left at about 2:30 and my friends were like man we should go to the lingerie party so off we go to try to find the house, well bad directions made us miss the party, am sure they were dispappointed (not seeing some babes in sexy lingerie) I on the other hand was thanking the heavens.

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