Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Man we should have long weekends makes me feel rejuvinated to go back to work (yeah right)...I spent my Memorial Day Weekend doing some laundry, eating a lot of pizza and boating. Sunday we had a picnic at Pohick Bay in Lorton, VA typical Filipino party tons of people and tons of food the weather was perfect also, it's just one of those days that makes you wan to scream "I love life!". Monday I just stayed at home and catched up on sleazy talk shows, I couldn't stand watching some of them (well maybe I flipped back and forth I was a bit curious), where do they get these people? Anyway, me and friend we're talking about taking some classes in the local community college, and I got really excited I never realized how much I missed school and never imaginedthat I could miss school this much, I guess being stuck in a job that does not really require a lot of brain power makes you thirst for knowledge and it also does not help that when I get home from work I plop myself on the couch and watch TV. My parents say I always talk about going back to school but don't do anything about it I'm not getting younger and I believe now is the time to act on it, I'm all talk no action. I'm taking control of my life.

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