Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Oh well time to update again, is it May already? man the month went by so fast. I'm at work right now been working like a dog the entire morning and now I'm stuck with nothing to do, I have an hour more to go before I leave and meet up with my friends in Georgetown. I'm still looking for a place to move in to my lease will end soon and so far no leads, some are just too expensive for my budget I'm looking for an apartment that is near the metro so that i won't have to drive to work or take the bus, the housing market her is so competitive and I'm hoping that I could find a place before getting kicked out from my apartment. Anywayse, last weekend was okay I just stayed at home the weather was so nice so I just chilled at my balcony with a really good book and excellent music, life couldn't get any better than that..i think

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