Thursday, June 13, 2002

So the good news is I got the apartment, we already signed the lease and paid the first month's rent, me and my roommate were already discussing what to do with the decorations and stuff, how to make our place look more than a a dorm room but a cozy apartment, and then I got the bad news. She called me last night and told me if I knew anyone from the Canadian Embassy or the State Department, apparently she was denied a Canadian visa (she needs to go out to Canada so that could issue her a G4 visa), so now everything is in limbo and I could end up roommate-less and penniless hmmm..why does it always happen to me???? I know it was too good to be true...well weird thing is if confronted with this dilemma I would curse and whine and be a big baby, well that was then, now I feel calm, cool and composed well maybe because it really hasn't hit me (i might start to panic once July hits and she's still visa-less), I just feel that if it's bound to happen it's bound to happen, I really couldn't do anything about it it wouldn't also do me any good if I run around panicking I would just end up stressed out which I don't want to I'm pretty sure that everything will work out for the best. Just gotta have a little faith

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