Friday, June 28, 2002

Argh! it's me again griping about the whole roommate thing, now word from her and I'm forced to pay the rent in full!! I tapped into my swiss bank account a.k.a. my savings so that I could pay it. Oh well, I hope that she made it or else...Nino is coming tomorrow!! I'm so excited, we're picking him up from Reagan at 1 pm I still have to do a lot of stuff like pack and try cleaning the apartment I also need to pick up the aero bed from my aunt's place, because up to now I still don't have a bed, I can't afford it (but I can afford to go to NY for the weekend) a girl just have to know how to prioritize and so far having fun and being with my friends is on top of my list instead of a buying stupid bed heheheheheh bad nikki

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