Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Well, well it's been a while ince I've updated, my roomie is currently in Canada, getting her G4 visa from the American consulate there so now that I've got the covered let me give a sigh of relief *sigh* and the only thing that we're waiting now is that could she come back to DC in time, which I have a feeling that she might hmmm...so far my instincts are correct, so I'll think I'll go with that. I'm currently broke, and my friend from Michigan is coming to visit us on Saturday (then we'll be heading off to NY on the 4th of July weekend) and that means tapping my savings for some spending money and using my trusty old visa, this will set me back for like a couple of months, but hey we're only young once and it's just money right?? uh? right? *sigh* I'm just trying to convice myself oh well it's working *grins*

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