Friday, July 26, 2002

Been busy, busy with work which is good because my life makes sense again! *sarcasm*, busy with all the moving and packing, busy with unpacking, busy as a bumble bee. My cousin's wedding is tomorrow and I feel bad about missing it. Everybody went home to the Philippines except for me, I just don't have the money for plane fare and the timing isn't right (it's always about timing), since I just got back from vacation and also my lease ends this month, so even if I'm there my mind will still be thinking about rent and bills. The weather here in the east coast is f--ed up, one minute it's bright and sunny, the next minute it's all cloudy, rainy and muggy. I don't know what to write in this online blogger thing, just reading other people's blogs makes me rethink about the decision of getting one. Most blogs that I read are witty and funny, I guess I'm just trying too hard. Oh well if there are any people (maybe 0ne or two of you) reading this blog, please bear with me I'm new to this, feedbacks would be nice...promise I won't bite =)

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