Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Well all the moving stuff is done, I'm officially an urbanite (hahaha that's what my ex-roomie calls me now) So now I'm getting used to my new routine, which is very relaxed, I leave the apartment at 8:20 and it takes me about 20 minutes to get to the train station, I get to the office before 9 check my emails and start working. The only thing I hate in these long walks to the metro is the heat, by the time I reach the office I'm all sweaty and sticky (not a good way to start the day), I could handle the heat but the humidity just kills me (literally and figuratively lol). Speaking of painful deaths, I feel like I'm wasting away at the office, I am not challenged by my job, however, I can't just quit especially with the stock market situation here in the states, and there is also the thing called my visa. So I'm afraid I'm stuck here until a really good opportunity pops up (anybody interested in rescuing me?) When I was a kid I thought that being adult is very simple, finish school, find a job, get married, have kids,retire but once I got here it's more like pray to God that you pass college, find a job, find a job, find a job, work, work, work I guess your age is directly proportional to the frustrations you had/will encounter, being an adult is so overrated.

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