Tuesday, July 02, 2002

*Sigh* hear that? that's relief for ya, my roomie made it back to the U.S. unscathed and I could finally enjoy my vacation in NY on Friday, I'm telling you you gotta have faith, God always comes through and so far my track record is pretty good and I don't want to be so cocky and jinx it oh well que sera sera. Nino spent the weekend here in DC we took him out saturday, we did the usual touristy suff like go to the White House, The Mall, Monuments and we made him walk, since we don't have a car he was forced to walk, it was good though because we had an excuse to pig out, and pig out we did it was a weekend of dust, heat and food kinda reminds me of the Philippines hehehehe...Today's hump day Thursday is Independence Day and I think we might take Friday off too, they haven't made the annoucement yet but they said that it was pretty sure, I guess they don't want us to make plans that's why they're all hush hush stupd government people. Hmmm..whatelse? I'm just trying to get through the day, I still have 3 more hours to go and I'm not looking forward to walking home, it's an oven out there it's like 95 degrees but the heat index is like 105! man I just have to leave the apartment at 7 then get a chance to cool off before going back to Virginia, I'm from the tropics but this is too much at least there in the PI I have a car and even if I get stuck in traffic I still have AC, *sigh* well summer time is here finally.

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