Sunday, February 27, 2011

holding back

this is what happiness looks like :)
my little niece bridgette
february 2011

i can't seem to sit still
this is very confusing

p.s. thank you for warming my feet :)
and for allowing me to invade your personal space, it meant a lot...

it's pretty cold here in sacramento
i just realized i forgot to cover our vegetable garden at school, i hope our vegetables will survive this frosty weekend
everytime i think about our broccoli i feel so bad (sorry sweet pea, chard and kale!!)
i was supposed to put a tarp over it on friday but my mind was somewhere else that i didn't realize it until tonight
like i said plants and nicole don't mix

such witty lyrics
"when your lucid you are the sweetest thing
i would trade y mother to hear you sing"

sweetest thing, camera obscura

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