Thursday, February 10, 2011

news from the war front

this afternoon rex and i were organizing the moveable alphabet

me: here rex do you think you can find the compartment for "P"?
rex: oh yes "P" like the "P" that comes out of your penis
me: seems that you are right again rex

kids say the most bizarre yet very accurate things


for dinner i snacked on raw ramen noodles and 4 pieces of butterscotch
i had to stop myself from opening a bottle of beer
to be healthy i decided to scrub and scour the bathroom
so now my hands smell like bleach and my bathroom looks sparkling clean
i'm going to sleep well tonight


unexpected development
the magic number is 3
i hope there's more to come.


coby and his magic box
christmas 2010


hagsiepooh said...

ano ning kay coby na box?
ma p ko anay X0D pramis.

Nicole said...

it's a magic box han! useful pag may brownout hahahaha