Sunday, January 30, 2011

be still my heart

vanana yogurt + blueberries = nicole a very happy camper

once again i'm in love
i don't know if my heart could take it
be still my heart
first the tangerines and now the succulent blueberries
oh i know i will dream about you tonight


i am thankful for my busy schedule this week
because you know what they say, an idle mind breeds very dangerous thoughts


"And so the shattering shards of glass fell,
And glistened this way and that,
But she would say I won't find my way through the plaster;
I'm an empty hourglass in the sand,

But she loves me,
More than anyone who wouldn't speak like that.
She keeps mace spray,
For you can't rely on the common man"
-mace spray, the jezabels


hagsiepooh said...

kasadya, why vanana ya name?
pod ta lantaw stp concert. 1 list in my bucket list to be checked off!
wish upod ta. *hugs*

Nicole said...

vanilla + Banana = vanana LOL
sheks when ang concert?!!! tani ara ako daaaaaaaaaaaaa