Friday, January 14, 2011


wonder twins
december 2010


hello 2011
the jury is still out on you...
i am not so keen about odd numbered years, i don't know why, but odd numbers just seem to be...well....odd

i did not go to work today, i didn't expect to get sick this early in the year. it's been quite cold here in sacramento no to mention i deal with germ carriers (a.k.a. children) every day
when you're sick you miss you family even more.
what i wouldn't give for someone to make soup for me.


hagsiepooh said...

im starting to get jealous of the tats. when i get the transition im working on then i will =0) miss you inday. *virtual hugs* so you would get well soon.

Nicole said...

i love it han! i'm thinking of getting another one hahahahaha. hay plan b naman kita? career change in the works?