Monday, January 24, 2011

in the mood for food

my loot
cereal, cereal and more cereal

i got lucky because these cuties are so sweet
everytime i close my eyes and i could just taste them in my mouth
so juicy, so refreshing, so sweet
i have to stop myself from devouring them

i don't know why but i just find myself making these ridiculous poems about fruits
i guess i am in a poetry spewing mood

time seems to be standing still...
i am waiting
i am hoping
please, please, please...


while going to work i heard live's lightning crashes the radio
took me back...
for old time's sake here it is...


hagsiepooh said...

ano gneeee naaa?
daw gagmay na oranges... lol

Nicole said...

KAHEL hahaahahaha, i love that term!