Friday, May 20, 2011

dancing with myself

i believe in you cranberry!
may 2011


luca: nicole can you please help me with my map?
i promise to give you hugs everyday if you help me

after lunch i walk into the classroom and he runs up and gives me a big hug

luca: i'm just going to stick to you like glue, i am not letting go!

god help me that little boy will be a heartbreaker


still kept running to the bathroom :(
i was at the store today and i kept doing the dance while i was shopping
i risked it once again and went for a run
i was doing the dance while waiting for the light to change
i kept on jumping and running in place people might have thought i was so into running but they don't know i was just dying inside praying that i don't pee in my pants
i'm still downing cranberry juice like there is no tomorrow plus i have been munching on dried cranberries
this better work!


it's the weekend
tomorrow i will just lay in bed, eat junk food and read my novels
sounds like a very good plan :)

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hagsiepooh said...

i can picture you out lol.
aww your kids love you nik.