Wednesday, May 11, 2011


manong ryan's homemade batchoy
a taste of iloilo
may 2011


nicole i love every thing you do
-norah, 6
i have this ongoing thing with this little girl
she is the smartest one in our class
she has a very brilliant mind but she is still very immature
we have our moments but i love her to bits
anyway she just made my day today


i so want a kindle right now
i have a kindle app on my phone but i would just love to have the real thing
oh well
maybe it can be a very belated birthday gift



hagsiepooh said...

hi nik!
daw batchoy gid!
ginaubra kita zombies sang gadgets no? lol they call out 'buy me!' i'd love one instead of lugging books when on vacation ;oj

Nicole said...

daw batchoy gid sans the msg!