Wednesday, May 04, 2011

having a plan b is always good

gloria (one of my classroom assistants) last day of work is on friday
yesterday we decided to make a little something for her as a going away present
i had this great idea for a bag, it sounded like a really good plan
well like any good plans i had a hard time executing it, so right now i am just winging it, hoping that it will turn out okay
anyway it seems to be coming along nicely but it seems like i have a gazillion things to do
i am praying that i will finish this just in time.


i was supposed to do laundry today
wednesday is my laundry day, but then when i got to the laundry room someone else was using it
so now my whole schedule is screwed
i am very annoyed.
tomorrow i was planning to go to the store, run and finish my projects but instead
i will be doing laundry first and do my errands later
don't you just hate that it when happens?
(sorry i sound so lame, that's what happens when you don't have a life)

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