Tuesday, May 03, 2011

no turning back

the chikitings
circa 1998 (?)


i used to love glee
but now it's getting old
i don't even know what to watch now


utterly exhausted
the new child in my class kept on crying
from 8-12
screaming and sobbing
i was telling my assistant that it makes me think twice about having kids
plus i think i might be getting sick, but i refuse to give in to it
*thinking positive thoughts*


j signed me up for the race for the cure on saturday
it's 3 miles
i hope i can make it
*crossing my fingers*
i keep telling him how bad i am, and he doesn't believe me
so now i guess he will see first hand how out shape i am
wish me luck


a very good break up song
a much better song than rehab

amy winehouse, tears dry on their own

1 comment:

hagsiepooh said...

hahaha wata fes of ours.
hala feeling ko daw indi ko katapos sang mga home made projects, daw ang stage nga gainit lawas mo ka kay gacram-not meant to affect your output lol.