Monday, May 02, 2011

the things you have to do...

i tend to forget things
it comes with age
may 2011
(by norah b.)


i just got talked into running a half marathon in portland next year
apparently, his brother and his girlfriend, cousins and their spouses are running
and it turned into this competition among them
i told him that he better train really hard because i know i would probably come last
"if oprah can run a full marathon, you can do it"
thanks j! i can't believe he actually said that and i got hooked into signing up
so now i guess i have to train for it
this saturday i might be running the race for the cure with him
what did i get myself into?

back in the day i just thought their fashion sense was so cool but 16 years later it looks so cheesy and dated
but anyway it's all about the music

blackstreet, before i let you go


hagsiepooh said...

oi this is it! hahaha. dapat kayanin ng tuhod.
its one of my to do list, run a minimum of 5k marathon, buut im not even running right now lol

Nicole said...

dapat lang daw indi ako ka imagine gani han! pero it's a year from now a lot can happen ;)