Sunday, March 27, 2011

brighter than sunshine

here comes the sun
g st.
march 2011


went out for a walk today
the sun has finally made an appearance after a morning of pouring rain
i went to the library and borrowed a lot of books
i miss reading
i go through these phases that i devour books for months and then all of a sudden i just don't feel like reading
february and march were like that but i think april is going to be my "i prefer to read" month



hagsiepooh said...

we have the same weather. gloom, ulan, untat, init gamay abi mo sige sige na gale kay balik gloomy dugay2 ulan.
what'd you get for reading?

Nicole said...

hay, ah te wala na gid pag-asa sa july eh no? lol i am into trashy romance novels han lol it's good reading when it's raining outside, very mindless