Monday, March 21, 2011

let there be sun...please!

a splash of color
where are you spring?
marwa, 5 and her color box 3
march 2011


i see the light!
i managed to sweet talk our building manager to change my light bulbs
so now my room looks brighter and i don't have to feel my way in the dark when i enter my apartment at night
what a difference 2 light bulbs make!

scratchy throat, fuzzy head, dry mouth
i have a very bad feeling about this
orange juice, water and blueberries to the rescue
i want a day off from work but not like this
mind over body
germs go away!


oh chicken nuggets i think about you day and night
when will this madness end?


"i guess self pity is a state of mind"
-she's so hard, the jezabels

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