Sunday, March 20, 2011


i should wear socks
hello kitty keeping my blister warm
march 2011


another year, another birthday
thank you God for all the wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon me
thank you for all my wonderful friends
thank you for my loving family
thank you for my health
and even if i complain all the time about my little hell raisers and my job, i am still grateful
30 was a good year for me and i am praying that 31 will be even better


this song was number 1 on the billboard charts on march 18, 1980

queen, crazy little thing called love


hagsiepooh said...

can you see yourself way back on how we look on people who were already thirty back then?
i know! danggit. indi ka na kapakyut or play innocent lol.
what did you do?

Nicole said...

my gas han back in the day i thought that 30 was ancient!! but look at us now, daw amo man gyapon--bata bata hahahahaha. very low key my birthday just spent it with my loved ones (naks daw showbiz)