Thursday, March 24, 2011

yoo-hoo mr. sun!

it's growing!
march 2011


today was one of those days where you just throw your hands up in the air and do a rain dance
the elusive sun just refuses to make an appearance
my children are just too wound up
today i had to keep ringing the bell just to remind them to lower down their voices
i had to keep on presenting how to carry materials to the table
there were a lot of tattle tellers and a lot of whining
i can't blame them tho
all this stormy weather is making all of us insane
mr. sun you have had enough rest
now it's time to work your magic and make my life a little bit easier.


my throat is still scratchy and i refuse to admit that i have a cold
friend is sick too and according to him he never got sick until he met me
well, that's the price he has to pay for being friends with a primary montessori teacher
i am just a walking germ bubble

everyone should watch this documentary
it made me think a lot of how i was raised
it made me feel that if someday when i have my own children i would make it a conscious effort not to make the same mistake parents of today are guilty of
it would definitely change your perception of what success is and how damaging it is to project our own dreams and ambitions on our children.
it is very easy to forget that these are individuals with their own thoughts, opinions and dreams
anyway if you have a chance please watch it and don't forget to spread the word and pass it on.


loving this very much
on this dreary day, it's always nice to listen to the weepies :)

"i don't give a damn
i'm happy as a clam
nobody knows me at all"

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