Monday, March 14, 2011

waiting in vain

went directly to the DMV after work
i got lost trying to find it, the parking was horrible plus the weather was just dreary
i spent almost 2 hours waiting for my number to be called, i didn't bring a book so i just sat there twiddling my thumbs and observing people.
when my number was finally called i felt like breaking out into a song.
i finished my transaction in 10 minutes, yes i spent more time waiting
there is something really wrong with that picture
anyway, i can't complain now my car is "registered" and i am not driving around with an expired sticker
i can breathe easier now, i won't have heart palpitations everytime i see a cop
that was my monday, how was yours?


spent my weekend laughing and eating and spending time with the people i love
it's just too short
i hope this week will be even shorter

march 2011

love the song
but the video made me go...huh?

cupid, 112


hagsiepooh said...

memoirs of 90s ang song hehe.
mayo kay makacruising in the highways ka na.

Nicole said...

hay han feeling speeder na ako kay legal na ang auto ko lol