Tuesday, June 07, 2011

dark blue

tulips, by josephine j
taken today at 10:00 AM
june 2011


i am feeling quite emotional
today while i was driving to work i suddenly found myself crying
i just felt so sad
nino said my hormones are out of control and i shouldn't let it control me
and i think he is right, i just hope it goes away soon because i hate being so sad
anyway i felt better while i was talking to him, i actually found myself laughing
but then when we said our goodbyes i found myself alone again with my thoughts

i just want this week to be over...

as i was leaving work
jj rushed up to me and kissed my palm
she looked at me and said
"if you feel sad just press your palm on your cheek
and think of me, you will feel better"
i had to bite my lip to keep myself from crying

i can't wait to go home and hug my family.
my apartment feels huge all of a sudden...


3 more meetings to go...


i totally forgot about this song...

bon iver, skinny love

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