Thursday, June 16, 2011

taking a break

i did it!
my last minute father's day project
june 2011


i had quite a night!
i slept at around 10 then at around 11 i suddenly woke up coughing
i was coughing so bad that i almost threw up in my bed
so i ran to the bathroom and just let it all out
oh yes, it wasn't a pretty sight
i was hugging the toilet, gagging with tears rolling down my face
not a pretty sight at all
while all of this was happening the first thought that came to my mind was
"i wish someone was here to hold my hair while i am puking my brains out"
i find that very funny because of all the things i should think about, i was worried about my hair
anyway, after that episode i felt so much better
let's just hope it stays that way


the hell raisers are really testing me
all day i have to force myself to think about things that make me happy
because if i don't i will seriously have a nervous breakdown
\@_@/ -->this is me having a nervous breakdown



hagsiepooh said...

preggers?! ato na! lol
miss you inday nik!
happy fathers day?

Nicole said...

Hahahaha na dunlan Lang guro Han!!