Wednesday, June 01, 2011


jj the little artist always gives me pictures and i keep all of them
this is her version of me
note the hair LOL
may 2011


oh my gosh it's june already!
it means it's time for my triangle meetings with the elementary teachers and parents
it means getting ready for graduation
it means i need to get my evaluations ready by next week
it means i need to purchase a ticket for the philippines
or if i can afford the ticket
it means i will most probably be stressing out like there is no tomorrow
oh june, i'm not liking you at all!


today at carline
rex: i want to go home!
me: me too rex
rex: you have a home?!
me: ofcourse i do, where do you think i live?
rex: i thought you lived in school

(hahaha! that made my day)


my new driving music :)

santigold, lights out


hagsiepooh said...

the lumpy hair's funny lol.
no, buy na tickets!
cant wait to see you.

Nicole said...

i know hags! i decided to go home! i can't wait to see you