Tuesday, June 14, 2011


prawn mee soup
i hope to go back someday
penang, malaysia

one drawback of being a pre-school/kindergarten teacher is that you have to think of a craft for every single occasion
father's day is coming up on sunday and i still haven't thought of anything
i was supposed to do my research today and there were a couple of things that i felt were nice gifts for the dads but it was just a lot of stuff to prep and since i only have 2 days to pull it off
i don't think i would be able to do it without panicking and losing sleep
so the next best thing would probably be doing something simple, like a card or a drawing
no point in stressing about it
as i told one parent today, in my mind i am already on vacation


a friend's daughter just turned 2
someone gave her an ipod touch for a present (the daughter not my friend)
that's just not right
who gives a child an ipod?
and don't get me started on those leap frogs reader thingies...


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